Damage / Lost / Compensation Information

Compensation-related provisions and conditions for damaged products, attributable to a delivery company’s fault during international shipping, vary from one shipping company to another.
For damaged products, please refer to the following provisions and conditions for compensation.
You can also contact our customer center for compensation-related matters.
Required evidence when filing damage
  1. Valid photo is required for the verification of an invoice number labelled on the packing container
  2. Valid photo is required for the verification of the packaging.
  3. Valid photo is required for the verification of the damaged part
  4. Please make sure that all the above evidential photos are provided for compensation. Do not throw away the invoice and leave the delivered box and filling materials intact.
  1. Customer center-> Make an inquiry/Confirm -> Write (Provide detailed description and required evidence)
  2. Hanpass customer center -> Notify the shipping company -> File loss and damage
  3. The shipping company delivers the notice of compensation for loss and damage to Hanpass -> Fill out application for refund prepared by Hanpass -> Refund received by Hanpass -> Refund made to customers based on the compensation criteria
  4. Based on the shipping company’s refund policy, it takes approximately 1-2 months to complete the above procedures.
  • Contact Hanpass first when filing loss and damage
  • Do not return the damaged product without the confirmation of Hanpass. We are not liable for additional expenses incurred from violating this instruction.
No compensation is made under the following circumstances
  1. Loss, theft, and damage due to force majeure events including fire and natural disasters
  2. Damage is attributable to the sender’s fault
    Damage caused by poor packaging
    Damage caused by the nature of contents
    When price of goods is not specified
  3. Confiscated or discarded by the authorities as banned items
  4. When the addressee receives the mail without objection
  5. Fishing rods and products with glass cannot be returned pursuant to the international aviation regulations.