Refund / Cancellation / Return Information

Hanpass is a company which specializes in providing online purchasing/shipping agent systems and serving as an agency for product logistics.
Consequently, we are not responsible for the product’s registered information or its condition.
Nevertheless, when a claim or a complaint is made, we endeavor to involve a seller and arbitrate in a dispute to minimize the losses.
For goods lost while in transit, we provide compensation in full.

Deal cancellation can translate into damage for both Hanpass and our valued customers like you.
Therefore, you are required to cancel the deal as a means of last resort.
Please be aware that deal cancellation is processed as follows if you have to cancel the deal unavoidably.
No cancellation request can be accepted after the first payment has been made or the delivery of the product has been completed.
Cancellation due to the seller’s mistake
A full refund will be made when purchase is cancelled in Korea due to the seller’s mistake (short on stock, delayed warehousing, or etc.).
Any expenses such as overseas remittance fees will be deducted from the refund amount.
(except for actual expense in case that expenses such as overseas remittance occurs)