Shipping agency information

What is delivery agency service?

Hanpass will deliver fast and safe delivery to door and overseas addresses on your behalf.
Send products purchased directly from online shopping malls in Korea to Hanpass's distribution center!
Instead, we will collect it and send it to the overseas address you requested.
Leave it to Hanpass for overseas shipping, which has been a hassle!

Order of delivery agency

  • 1. Direct purchase at the shopping mall
    You directly purchase the products you want from the Korean online shopping mall site.
    When purchasing a product, you must enter the address of Hanpass's distribution center in the recipient address field.
    Delivery destination address: 경기도 남양주시 진건읍 사릉로 163-10 한마켓 [[My Post Number] ]
  • 2. Fill out the delivery service application form
    After logging in to the homepage, carefully check the [Notes on filling out the application form] and fill out the delivery application form.
    If the product is received without the delivery request form completed, it may not be possible to confirm and delivery may be delayed, so please fill out the delivery service form immediately after ordering.
  • 3. Logistics center receipt
    Hanpass checks the completed delivery application form and basically stores it in the hanmarket warehouse.
    Requests for combined delivery/cancellation can only be made before delivery to the distribution center.
    Requests for product disposal are free before delivery to the distribution center, but a small fee is required afterwards.
  • 4. Product measurement, waiting for delivery cost payment
    We will send a text message when the shipping cost is determined based on the measured weight and volume weight of the finished product.
    If you select additional options such as inspection/repackaging, we will guide you to the final payment amount including the additional cost.
    Delivery pending and domestic returns/exchanges can only be requested until the stage of waiting for payment of the shipping fee.
  • 5. Waiting for shipment
    After payment of the shipping fee is completed, the order will be converted to a status of waiting for shipment.
    If you pay the shipping fee by 13:00 on weekdays, it will be shipped the same day, and if you pay for the weekend, it will be shipped on Monday.
  • 6. International shipping and customs clearance
    Shipped from Korea to the destination country, we are not responsible for damage to products that are not covered by insurance during air transport.
    When the product arrives in the country, it must go through customs procedures.
    If the tax base amount exceeds the amount in the local country, customs clearance will be made after payment of import taxes such as customs duties and VAT.
  • 7. Delivery completed
    You can check the delivery tracking number provided at the time of shipment.
    Upon receipt of the item, it will be converted to a complete delivery status and the number of orders will be accumulated once.
    Combined delivery is calculated as one case