Purchase Agency Usage Guide

What are purchasing agent services?

Hanpass provides shopping services in a safe and convenience manner on behalf of those buyers who have difficulty shopping in Korea.
If you have found the application and settlement procedures of online shopping malls cumbersome due to all sorts of security, why not try purchasing agent services offered by Hanpass?
We provide all the things you have wanted to purchase in Korea including K-POP goods, cosmetics, and fashion items.
You can make inquires in your own language.
You can easily purchase products and conveniently receive them beyond borders and language barriers.
For vendors or companies that intend to import Korean wholesale goods, we can serve as your Korean branch.
Contact us if you are interested.

Detailed procedures

  • 1. Product search
    Search online shopping malls in Korea for the product
    (Ex: 11 Street, G market, Coupang, etc.)
  • 2. Completion of application for purchasing agent services
    Visit our homepage, carefully read [matters to keep in mind when completing the application], and finalize the application process.
  • 3. Payment for the product
    A manager in charge checks the availability of services and grants an approval,
    which you can check from the settlement guide mail or my page.
    Make the first payment (payment for the product in question) on the homepage.
    After checking, the manager in charge purchases the product.
  • 4. Completion of application for shipping agent services
    Carefully read [matters to keep in mind when completing the application for shipping agent services] and finalize the application process after selecting additional options if necessary.
  • 5. Confirming the warehousing of goods / Making payment for international freight charges
    When the product in question is warehoused into the Hanpass storage,
    we will inspect the product and send you a mail detailing international freight charges.
    Please make payment for shipping charges on the homepage.
  • 6. Completion of delivery
    Upon the product being shipped, an invoice number will be sent to you via mail.